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Does anyone else think this is weird?!

So, the FBI is suddenly re-investigating the email scandal of Mrs Clinton…. is it possible that the FBI are running scared that Hilllary will not win – and that Trump will???

The FBI Agents running the Clinton e-mail investigation had to sign confidentially clauses for the first time ever (as far as I know) which didn’t cause any alarm to the American people. ┬áREALLY??

Now, when it looks possible that Mrs Clinton might not be elected to the highest office in the land…. the FBI are “looking into the investigation again”.

I am not a conspirsry theorist, but come on people – this really stinks.

I am watching for updates – hmmmm.



  • Brit – Comey could care less about Hillary, or should we say Illary as she’s sick. Where there is smoke and I think he wants to hang her, and this was the opportunity to get back into the emails post the July 5th decision. I hope the FBI finds all kinds of CLASSIFIED information to sting Illary and her “friend” Illary.

  • The question is why the DOJ gave so many people Immunity on the original investigation, allowing for limited turnover to the FBI of documents and devices. All after they were given subpoena’s. Then it turns out that the Deputy FBI director in charge of the investigation had been promoted to the position after his wife received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Clinton campaign. Now new documents appear, and the DOJ will not allow the FBI to look at them.

    So who is at fault, DOJ forcing the FBI director to go public to just do his job, or the FBI director for having to politicize the election due to DOJ’s interference in both the prior and this reopened investigation.

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