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(Another) Weekend of Our Discontent (Going on Despair)

Gary Johnson
Written by Ron Litchman

Republican talking heads on the network Sunday talks shows were largely in mourning.  “We know . . . if we had a serious candidate, we could be winning this election” captured the sentiment on “Face the Nation” (at 9:40 into the video).

The emails hacked from Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta manifest that she’s as duplicitously cozy with the fatcats as Bernie said she is.  They show that her State Department steered earthquake recovery contracts for Haiti to the pockets of Friends of Bill – another Q.E.D. and probably another federal felony.

Seeing how an unsecured email server can be so readily hacked confirms Madame Secretary’s “extreme recklessness” in insisting on using one.   It may yet be shown, indeed, that her unsecured server was the hacker’s pathway to Podesta’s emails and D.W-Schultz’s before his.

But Trump’s not talking about any of this.  All balled up in a scandal of his own making, he’s still tweeting about the women he knew, fantasized he knew, didn’t know, groped  or didn’t grope (and feeling the need to explain why).

And, Hillary, naturally, is talking only of that.  Or having her henches talk about it, for she’s no stranger to lechery in the family and needs to keep her distance.

Leveraging on the windfall that Trump’s become, Democrats are giddy to parlay a sure-thing presidential win into running the table in the House and Senate, as well.  A landslide at the  top of the ticket, conventional wisdom holds, carries the down ticket on its coattails.

It may well not work that way this year, because most of Hil’s voters are not really supporters.  They’re reluctant, lesser-of-evil voters.  Mistrustful.  Distrustful.

Except for the Sanders-istas, who would relish re-populating Congress as a warren of Elizabeth Warren clones (if they can find them), the rest of the country may prefer some old-fashioned checks-and-balances, as insurance – against full-blown single-payer health care and free college degrees, only two of an expected plethora of new Clintonian social welfare programs.  Insurance against toppling the precarious balance on the Supreme Court. (Mr. Justice Clinton (Bill)? . . . or Ms. Justice Chelsea? Or Huma?  Mr. Justice Obama?)

A Republican House and Senate also keeps the impeachment deterrent viable.

The stargazers at the New York Times put Donald Trump’s odds of winning the electoral college at 8 percent to Hil’s 92.  If that be true, vast swaths of Hillary voters are “Liberated” to “just say no” to piling on such a landslide, which would enable her smugly to claim an overwhelming mandate.

It’s one thing for vote against Trump, but another to feed Clintonian hubris.

Those holding-their-nose, never-Trump, Hillary voters now have some options.   One is to stay home, certainly anywhere but a “battleground” state (of which there may be two left).  Another is, whether or not casting a vote for Hillary, to split their ticket for the insurance described above.

And a third response – the favorite in this space – is to vote for Gary Johnson, particularly in New Mexico, South Dakota, Alaska, New Hampshire, Arizona, Colorado, and possibly others, where his campaign is heartened by polls suggesting he’s competitive to actually win electoral votes.  That would be historic.  Hasn’t happened for over a hundred years (TR 88 /Taft 8 /Wilson 435, in 1912).

Were Clinton and Trump closer in electoral votes, then Gary’s winning a few could deny either of the others a majority and send the selection to the House of Representatives, where a Republican House would certainly reject Clinton and likely reject Trump.  But with Trump imploding into single digits, the gap’s too wide for that to work.

Hence the despair.

The success in escaping the Trump frying pan will plunge the country into the Clinton fire.

Another “debate” comes Wednesday.  Without Gary on that stage, there’s not much hope of avoiding debacle, now and, in three weeks, again.

Johnson/Weld also says they’re polling 20% in New York, which could push both the others down below a majority, in their shared “home” state.  That’s not a win, but some consolation.

A vote for Gary is a well-considered “no” to both the toxic Trump and the corrosive Hillary.  A well-deserved rejection of the respective “major” parties for having served them up.

Ron Litchman is Chair of The Manhattan Libertarian Party.  He expresses his own views, not necessarily those of the Manhattan, New York State or National Libertarian Party, nor of any other individual.

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Ron Litchman

Ron Litchman, Chair, Manhattan Libertarian Party
(His views expressed herein are solely his own, and not necessarily those of the Libertarian Party, national, state or county, or Libertarian Party candidates for office.)

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