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As someone from the UK, the first thing that struck me about watching the news in the USA was that the newsreaders are much more attractive! The second and clearly more thoughtful observation was how unbelievably biased the reporting is from many of the news channels. I was staggered that a story could be so twisted by the media and told in a way so as to promote what can only be described as liberal ideals. I couldn’t, and still cannot understand why the majority of media is liberal! Where did that come from and why? I actually have likened this coverage in America to communist regimes, where only the right propaganda is allowed to be heard. This is not a one off incident and I wonder, and worry, that it is something many Americans do not even realise.


Look at the handling of Hillary Clinton and her illegal server. How on earth is this person allowed to run for president? Why havent the American people been told by the media that she has committed a crime? If her voters knew the facts, rather than the vanilla versions being purported, I cannot imagine anyone would want her to run their country.


These media outlets seem to omit content that appears potentially damaging to the President or his administration as evidenced by Sheryl Attkinsson’s departure from CBS and the reporting of her experiences and the biases she dealt with during her time at CBS.


What are their reasons for doing this, and why don’t people speak up and make them account for their bias?

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