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Stop Reading the News.

Pat Greer
Written by Pat Greer

If you are like me you may find yourself trolling through the vast information on the internet looking for the space pieces of factual content to keep yourself informed on current events.

You may even think you are smart enough to sift through the piles of incendiary rhetoric and pull out the soft gems of objective journalism.

You may also think that a news climate, hot with scandal, is only a minor nuisance and informed readers like ourselves are only affected little by it. Or maybe you think none of these things and the garbage that is being fed to us in American Media has completely turned you off as a reader.

I’ll raise my hand as this guy, today anyways.

Take the top headlines I quickly pulled up from CNN and Fox News, two sites positioned squarely on opposite ends of the political fields. Yet, it would appear that of all of the thousands of topics happening in our government. Our highly functioning, prosperous, and very capable government…are scandals.

If I didn’t know any better and just read the news I would easily be persuaded to think that our entire system is ripe with corruption and incompetence, that our entire system is broken and we need to fix it. If this were true the previous paragraph would have to be false, and while our government is proliferated by areas in need of improvement, it is far from broken.

Now let us look at today’s headlines…


Flynn rejected Obama’s offer to arm Syrian Kurds, Something Turkey would oppose (Scandal)

Republicans breathed a sigh of relief over Russia. Then Trump started tweeting again (Scandal)

Senate intel chairman: No decision from Flynn on honoring subpoenas (Scandal)

Trump Lashes out at ‘Witch Hunt’ (Scandal)

Now it’s up to the special counsel (Scandal)


And it doesn’t get any better for Fox News

Fox News

Trump rails against ‘witch hunt’ amid special counsel appointment (Scandal)

Mueller, Comedy have had long, close relationship (Scandal)

Comey known as prolific note-taker-could more memos emerge?

Clinton PAC aims to boost-left-wing, anti Trump groups-will she still have clout? (Scandal Clinton Style)


Feeling inspired yet?

Because I’m feeling a whole lot more informed and immensely more equipped to make educated decisions about the way our government is being run.


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