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New Gingrich Continues to Show Why American Politics Are the Problem

Patrick Moroney
Written by Patrick Moroney

Gingrich: ‘They should abolish the Congressional Budget Office’


Quick thoughts on this article.

I have a real problem with members of the political elite continually ripping apart the checks and balances of our government anytime they disagree with someone.

I feel like there are people in New Gingrich’s circle who are saying to him, “Hell of an idea Newt ! let us discredit the government we work for! Solid strategy for progress and improving the governments image.”

Each time I see one of these sound bites I want to reach out and ask if  we can get some adults in the room next time? Maybe some one who can shut down these childlike outbursts with a glaring look and bring some civility back into our government.

I know it worked for me as a child, thinking maybe we should give it a try here.

Why I see what he is doing to be so careless has more to do with how it affects us the American Public. While I’m sure we all think of ourselves as very independent and grounded individuals, to be constantly  fed this bull#$%t eventually has an impact, and not one that is beneficial. It is a contributing factor where we stop making decisions based on facts and start to make irrational choices because our trust in leadership has deteriorated so much.


In my eye this is knee-jerk politics that resembles  school yard posturing.

Last time I checked Wilma Valderamma wasn’t hosting these interviews so insulting members of government as “dishonest” or “corrupt” shouldn’t be the 2017 politics version of  a “Yo Momma” joke.

To be continued…





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