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  • The only candidate who wants to “normalize” things. really! The democratic party is only democratic by name, as we found out the hard way. Bernie is a democrat in the true sense of the word. I often see him as the Pied Piper of Hamelin, but without the manipulative part, since he attracts mostly young (and older) students who “can think for themselves”. He gives them something which is almost absent in American politics: honesty. Especially young people like that. Too young to be cynical yet. They googled him and they loved what they found. In a way the American people have waited too long to mend the “broken system”, but if no one is brave enough to stand up and even try to change things, what can you do?

    • Good points, Stef. It does take one brave voice–a true leader–to inspire others to take heart and have courage, to feel compelled to right the wrongs and clean up the corrupted system. Bernie Sanders is that once in a lifetime–or maybe even that once in a century–candidate. As the Great Depression had its FDR, I think our Oligarch-riddled world has met its match in Bernie. We just need to come together and put him in the White House. When we stand united, nothing the short-sighted billionaire bullies can do will divide us.

    • Let’s hope this is a growing trend, STEF. Back when the Word Wide Web took hold, I was ecstatic, expecting a boost for democracy and free expression since now basically anybody could publish themselves. After a few years, though, the Internet deteriorated into little more than a marketing platform. If, however, more and more (young) people turn from the propagandist mass media to Internet searches, maybe the old hope will come true, after all. 🙂

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