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Donald Trump's relationship with Russia has dominated the headlines this week. From top national security advisor, General Flynn, resignation on Monday due to his communication with Russian officials, to more and more documents being leaked to senior Trump campaign advisers with Russia during the 2016 election campaign, accusations are being flown left and right. What do you think? Is this all "fake news" conspiracy theories like Donald Trump has said in his tweets, or is there something more to this? Share your thoughts.

Donald Trump's Relationship With Russia

  • Dirk Droll:

    These false flag political stagings are so damaging to us that I was moved to write a whole post about this: http://www.politicalstorm.com/trump-russia-establishments-left-trap/   So, no, I don't t...

  • Dirk Droll:

    Exactly. They give us false enemies to bark at, all the better to control us and keep us from shaking off our masters' yoke....

  • On The Edge:

    why is it that the Democrats, and also a number of other establishment politicians (including some Republicans), are hyping this threat? Is it because the facts support it? Or is it the need for us t...

  • Dirk Droll:

    Biggest adversary, who are you kidding? Where do you get the idea that Russia is your or my "biggest adversary"? How does any Russian benefit from cutting our social security, denying us health care, ...

  • MarxEngels2020:

    So a president potentially colluding with one of our biggest adversaries (who would love to see our country fall apart) in order to get elected doesn't matter to you?...


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