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One of Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to repeal and replace Obamacare. Republicans have finally proposed their new healthcare plan. What do you think?

Obamacare vs Trumpcare

  • rgath:

    Re: millions losing coverage: to give them coverage, we: lost our plan. lost our doctor. saw our premiums and deductible rise out of sight. Obamacare was designed to expropriate people like us. At thi...

  • Dirk Droll:

    Instead, health care needs to be made both automatic and persistent (independent of employers who don't really need the hassle of arranging for health care, anyway), and AFFORDABLE to people of all in...

  • Dirk Droll:

    Exactly on point in every aspect, STILL BERNIN'. I couldn't have said it better. As for another issue: the elimination of the mandate, it defunds the plan but would have pleased me as one of the vi...

  • Patrick Moroney:

    Times have changed my friend, times have changed. People can't even like Coke and Pepsi no more, Cola Wars were a game changer. Hopefully we can settle our political differences a bit better. *hopefu...

  • Still Bernin':

    The latest CBO report shows that 52 million Americans would be without health coverage by 2026 under the "Trumpcare" plan and would provide a hefty tax break for the top .1%. That's pretty much shows ...


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